Prepare to build the web using python flask and pycharm

Python can be used to create web applications. In this paper, will explain how to build web applications with flask. Flask is a small framework for building web. This paper describes the web built in windows 7 32 bit operating system.

Assuming you have installed python 2.7, if you want to install python 3.6 then first windows 7 is converted into service pack 1. You need to understand the consequences what happens, if windows is converted into service pack 1 this. It could be input, if still using visual basic is the component msado.tlb in the installation folder in windows will make the resulting exe file will have an error when used on another computer. Here's the link to download find the setup file that suits your computer.

Settings in the system
Setup python 2.7 can be installed in addition to drive C, if the installation location in D: \ python2.7 then record this location, to determine the computer operating system settings. The steps are:
1. open windows explorer
2. right-click My Computer> properties
will be directed to Control Panel \ All Control Panel Items \ System
3. click Advanced system setings
4. Click the Environment variables button
5. in the System variables section, look for Path
6. Click Path then press Edit button
7. Fill in the following fields: D: \ Python2.7 \ Scripts \; D: \ Python2.7 \;
8. press OK

python is ready to be used to build the web for this stage, that is using python2.7 GUI named IDLE and windows command prompt as terminal to enable python server. As this article does not address this, then look for the pycharm setup as a means to build the web more easily.

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