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In the retail business system, the amount of stock is an absolute information. Stock is an asset in that business and becomes a major component. As for units of stock, the majority are grains. However, for retail that sells rice, flour or nuts, the existing unit of bias so is kilogram, although for certain regions use liters unit. Likewise, if the stock is liquid, it will have a liter. Please download the digital printing setup

What about digital printing or printing information system? in this application product, can be transacted either unit of grain, or unit of sheet (meter). Specific unit sheets, it can be assumed that the stock of certain printed materials already have the same width but different length, the term for this is the shape of the coil.

One time when buying a carpet that still scrolls, surely the buyer will be asked how long meters will be purchased. This is because the stock carpet has a different width in determining the size.
Missal is Carpet data type A 2.3 m; carpet type A 3.1 m; carpet type B 2.1 m and others

So when the purchase of carpet materials, which entered in the field amount is the length. And will also update the stock value of the carpet material tesebut.
Likewise during the sale, although there is a wide field, length and amount, then calculated to reduce the amount of stock of this sheet-shaped material is; length x amount.

Why is the width size not included in the variable to reduce the amount of stock available? the answer is: the determination of the choice of material in the order of a certain width, selected the type of material approaching the width of the order. Understood? if we do not assume, there is a banner print order: width 2.5 m long 7 m number of plane 1 sheet.
There is a flexy material type A width of 2.3 m (roll length is still 12.5 m) and type B width 4, 2 m (roll length is still 20 m).
Then it will be selected type B (width 4.2m), because the width of the order is 2.5m wide. so when done, stock type B will be 20 - 7 m remaining 13 m

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