posted by aryo tejo w on April 27, 2018

Often misunderstandings between developers and service users or clients. This happens because the scope of work is not well understood, either by developers or clients. In the initial conversation, the client will ask for a simple project, in the hope that the value of the project offered by the developer matches the client's expectations. And short story, agreed on the value of the project.

After an agreement and then cooperation, there are clients who request additional features. This feature is according to the developer beyond the "simple" scope, but according to the client is still relevant and reasonable. In this situation, the job progress is still 50%, so it will hurt both parties if the job stops completely.

Some solutions related to this situation, namely to communicate so that both parties understand each other.
1. additional features: no additional charges with the consequence of finishing time will experience delays. Time delays are often unexpected, if additional features seem to be simple, it turns out a systemic component that will change the entire project flow.
Another thing that often becomes a constraint is non-technical factors, in the form of deteriorating health due to the additional features.

2. the client is willing to give additional value of the project, with the consequence of time sesui initial target.

A finished product, will be a solution related to the above problems. Existing products, sent to clients for review and review. If not in accordance with the needs of clients, can be given a note. This note is for revision of the product and so is sent back to the client for review.

When approaching needs by the client, the next follow-up is to do a cooperation agreement. To determine the value of the project.

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