posted by aryo tejo w on April 24, 2018

In the culinary business, especially the type of "fast food" or fast food, management will count the number of side dishes served. Similarly, culinary business in restaurants or in lesehan. On the basis of the quantity of the side dishes, there will be a roughly obtained turnover.
However, in designing an information system, can not use the general retail system, in full. There is a fundamental difference in restaurant / restaurant management, related to stock validation. (stock here is the amount of side dishes earlier).
For example in the general retail, "a goods with different types will be made different product codes. When sold, it will automatically reduce the stock of the item ".

In fast food restaurants, eg padang restaurant, there are times when one will buy vegetable rendang only and rice plus vegetable rendang. There are 2 different stock data, so we must make different item code. Uniquely, is the 2 data earlier, should reduce the same 1 type of stock that is RENDANG. Because, management only count the number of side dishes, namely meat in rendang earlier.

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