posted by aryo tejo w on August 31, 2016

Mental Attitude

The choice of life as an "independent enterprise" must have a mental attitude. "The life never flat" is so in business, there are always ups and downs, so the entrepreneur mentality must be owned. In many posts, discussed this mentality, one of which is toughness to survive in a difficult position. Yes .. crisis management is important for beginner entrepreneurs, so that the future does not become "wira was was" .. anxiety continues to income ordernya.he he he. The first crisis stage is when it has overcome the fear to start an independent business. Dare to risk another word. <More>
To minimize business failure, in addition to understand the "oportunity" business, must also understand the "risk", so that business-related science is absolute. "Learning by doing", always learn as long as the business is run, "better make mistakes and learn fast" than "delay doing for fear of being wrong". Although the betting error in business is the loss of assets. Make the lost assets as "cost learning", the cost of learning.

Has a Business Mentor

Business novice, should have a successful business mentor, even if the mentor is not in the same business. This is very important for sharing knowledge and experience so that "cost learning" is not so great and "bleeding" the association related to loss of assets can be suppressed. Discover this mentor, a successful businessman profile you think, who can be contacted at any time and invited to sharing of course. From them lah, science and experience stories will be obtained, because this science is applied science that rarely obtained in legal formal education. For example, how to read the character of a potential business partner or overcome the constraints of our limited resources.
This business mentor, can also be considered a "vehicle" for the time to succeed not so long. Because at the time of our business start, you are not yet known by the business, "flag" is not bankable, .. no bank wants to disburse capital for you, because your business is still the age of corn. Whereas fresh funds and orders must be obtained, and the role of Mentor, (a successful entrepreneur, who has been known to the business world) is your "personal warranty". Like a car, he is Bamper, all will be borne by him, so that the business "agree" and your business slowly get orders through this Mentor. You will be introduced to the business community ... over time we will (and should) be released after our track record and tested reputation. And integrity is a key word that businesses must have in the future, always welcome in society. Focus is on your business, wake up the flag .. keep your reputation, .rejeki will find you he he he

"Is like a teak tree, which is late growing compared to other trees, due to its root growth priority. And when the buds begin to grow, this tree will not collapse because of storms, floods and other disasters, because its roots pierce deep into the earth, looking for a source of water in the land that is usually chalk and barren ... as a quality Teak habitat of one "

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